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Default MS Access SQL Problem

Hi Imar,

You are the hardest working man in this forum!

Recordset1 Inserts in my form shown below-

Company Name or Name of Partners: {Recordset1.CompName}
ABN / ACN: {Recordset1.CompABN_ACN}
Trading Name/s: {Recordset1.CompTradAs}
Trading Address: {Recordset1.CompTrdAdL1}

Server behaviors below in same order-
<%= Recordset1.Fields.Item("CompName").Value %>
<%= Recordset1.Fields.Item("CompABN_ACN").Value %>
<%= Recordset1.Fields.Item("CompTradAs").Value %>

Your Statement -

Also, are you sure the QueryString contains the correct value for each company?
No I am not sure at all, my experince writing querystrings is zip! This work was done by a former empoyee of mine years ago, I did work once but the data has been passed around to a few different devises over the years.

Above looks ok (unless you see somthing out of place I am not seeing) but
the Recordset1 SQL set up in the Server Behaviors I sent in the last post is probably not right. I say that because the above {Recordset1.CompName} and all the rest below it show the right value in each Recordset but is stuck on the first row of the table Company? no matter what login user/password is used and I have a different ID for each?


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