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Default MS Access SQL Problem


The below Server behaviors in DW are named Dynamic Text field

Server behaviors below in same order-
<%= Recordset1.Fields.Item("CompName").Value %>
<%= Recordset1.Fields.Item("CompABN_ACN").Value %>
<%= Recordset1.Fields.Item("CompTradAs").Value %>
Is that what you ar looking for?

I noticed somthing, when I double click the Dynamic Text field Client Company Name in the Server Behaviors panel another dialog box opens with-

Set value to <%= Recordset1.Fields.Item("CompName").Value %>
at the bottem of the box from a list of Columns from the Company file, the id
Columns is also there but not selected. I do not see where the Id is selected anywere in the Dynamic Text field such as the ("CompName").Value

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