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hey there,

Even weirder- I have had the useraccount.php working fine until I tried to set up the admin page! The first time I tried to modify a users details in the administrators login I ended up with that users name as the logged in name and since then once logged out any user that is logged in again it wont show any user name - till I try to modify a user acount then end up with that users name again..... I'm using Xampp with apache 2.4.14 AND PHP 5.3.1 on windows. Have checked php.ini and register globals is st to off. I've always had the $name changed to $username anyway and tried moving include header to the top as suggested above.....but alas still the same prrblem. I have to say I have modified the script from the book to fit into my own site so will now see if the same thing occurs using the code straight from the book.
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