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Default IE 8 not displaying MasterPage and CSS


I am up to chapter 8 and I have been using FireFox 3.5.7 with windows 7 to view all of my page changes. I had an issue with the vertical banner not showing up in the About Us page so I decided to switch rendering engines to IE 8, this is a FF plug in. The page that was displayed did not seem to be referencing the masterpage and its CSS. So I figured something screwy with the FF plugin so I decided to view the page with IE8 same problem. Also if I view the page using the VWD 2008 internal brower I get the same issue.

Now if I go to the page with either IE 8 or the FF IE
Tab that displays just fine. I have tried to search the forum but I did not see anything close to my issue. Does anything strike you off the top of your head as to where I should start looking, or is their some quirk with IE 8 that I might need to account for?