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So, I've finished the book, and even went back through it to take notes. I have read a few other Joomla books, most notably Joomla for Dummies (actually a good basic book) and Barrie North's book whose title escapes me...

I like the practical approach of this book. It's kind of a more nuts and bolts, with an emphasis on business implications. For example, no-one else I've seen talks about ongoing maintenance, or all the business agreements to be made before the site is built.

I found the frequent references to "professional web designers" a bit annoying. We're talking Joomla here-- Open Source, for The People. There are a LOT of hobbyists out there. Yeah, our sites aren't perfect, but my church can't afford a "professional." A minor quibble...

Also disappointed with the support (so what else is new with a tech book...), evidenced by the fact I've posted 2/3 of the posts on this board. I will say I didn't find too many errors (rare for a book with some element of "code"), so the need for errrata isn't great.

Over all an above average book; one I will keep as a reference for now.
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