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Default Create A Stand Alone Version Of Your Servoy Solution

Creating a Stand alone version of your Servoy Solution is Easy & Fast.

Create A Stand –Alone version of your Servoy Solution

You can create a stand alone version of your Servoy Solution, which can be run on any platform (Windows, Mac or Linux) without requiring you to install Servoy or a relevant Database. In fact it can also be run locally or from a CD. A stand-alone version can be helpful for single-user productive solution and other information rich software.

Servoy offers, "Servoy Runtime", which can be used to create a stand alone version of your Servoy Solution. The solution will only work for single user and can not be networked. The Servoy Runtime contains a built in Sybase database engine. Therefore, your application will run with Sybase as the backend.

How to Install Servoy Runtime

In Servoy 4.0 and above, the Servoy Runtime has become a plug-in that can be installed while installing Servoy.

Install the Servoy, while installing, and choose the "Runtime Builder" package from the list of packages. It will install Servoy along with the Servoy Runtime plug-in.

Create a Runtime for your Servoy Solution

The solution you wish to create the runtime for, does not need to be currently active in the "Solution Explorer" view of the "Form Design" Perspective. We have to export the solution by using the Runtime Plug-in.

Hope this tip is useful

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