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Unhappy Refresh combo box on subform


The problem I'm encountering is this:

- I have a form named "Client" with a subform named "ClientAssets"
- The "ClientAssets" subform contains a combo box named "AssetType"
- There is an "Add" button at the bottom of the "Client" form for adding a new asset type
- When the "Add" button is pressed, a pop-up form named "AddAssetType" appears
- The "AddAssetType" form is working correctly.
- On returning to the "Client" form, the command Me.ClientAssets.Form.Requery is executed when the "Add" button loses focus
- The requery command also appears to work okay, as it looks as though the data on the "ClientAssets" subform is being refreshed
- However, the new asset type does not appear in the "AssetType" combo box unless I exit and re-enter the "Client" form

Any help you can provide in solving this problem would be greatly appreciated!