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Default Fetching the values from XML file

Respected Sir,

Here is my XML file.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?xml-stylesheet href='newCSS.XSL' type='text/xsl'?>
<sen_id> "LISS-3" </sen_id>
<pro_id> "L3ALWAR005" </pro_id>
<sub_id> " " </sub_id>
<orbit_no> "000000"</orbit_no>
<path_no> "095" </path_no>
<row_no> "052" </row_no>
<no_of_bands> "2" </no_of_bands>
<band_combi> "2345" </band_combi>

In this XML file you can see no_of_bands tag. This value is different in other XML file.

Now, I have one XSLT file. I am using that same XSLT file for all the XML files. But the problem is that the value of no_of_bands is different like some times is seems to be 3 or 4.

So my question is that how the XSLT file find how much no_of_bands it has to consider.

And my another question is that how can we put Recursive Loop (similar to for loop in C or C++) in the XSLT file for displaying values.

Dhrumil Shah
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