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Default Mistake in book about image maps!

Hello everyone!
I have found a big mistake in this book in Chapter 3: Images, Audio, and Video. The mistake deals with image maps. Here is the code:
<img src="" alt="Cafe Map" width="500" height="300" border="0" usemap="#cafe" /> 
        <map name="gallery">
          <area shape="circle" coords="154,150,59" href="Cafe.html" target="_self" alt="Cafe">
          <area shape="poly" coords="272,79,351,79,351,15,486,15,486,218,272,218,292,166,292,136,270,76" href="courtyard.html" target="_self" alt="Courtyard">
          <area shape="rect" coords="325,224,488,286" href="Kitchens.html" target="_self" alt="Kitchens">
I put in red the mistake. As you can see, it says usemap="#cafe". However, it doesn't correspond to map name="gallery". The usemap and map name must correspond to each other.
Surprisingly, when I downloaded the code for this, both of them said "cafe". The error is in the book.

Just wanted to alert everyone of that, including the author if there's a second edition coming.