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Default My website - help me test it out please

Hello everyone!
After the completion of most of my website, I would like to hear from you what I need to change.
If you find any glitches or something wrong with the webiste, please tell me.
Also, make sure to tell me what browser you use (IE 8, Firefox, Safari...)

Click here to go to the website

And here's a second one.
Click here to go to the website

NOTE: There's currently no feedback option on the second website. Leave the feedback on the first website, and tell me which feedback is for which website.

Please note: A button may appear on the top of your screen asking you for access to scripted windows. I assure you that there are no bugs on my websites, but if you don't want to allow scripted windows, it shouldn't change anything on the website.

There is one glitch - there is one person in the section "Meet the crew" that when you roll over him with the cursor, nothing happens. I need to fix this.

Feedback I'm looking for:
1) Did you understand the goal of this website and the project?
2) Did you find any glitches in the website (such as a link that doesn't work)?
3) Was the text readable? Are there certain sections that should be a larger font size, a different color... (tell me which section)
4) Even if you won't revisit the website, since it doesn't matter in your life, did you think that the design was cool (the music in the beginning, the updated clock, the feedback section, the scrolling images, the image map that you can scroll over and it explains the members of the project...)

Just remember - you probably aren't my target audience, so don't base your feedback on the fact that the website doesn't matter to you. And don't feel bad to criticize me.
Just remember - I only know HTML/XHTML and CSS, so that's how I designed my page. Someone who knows ASP.NET will surely be able to make a much better page, so judge it on my level.

IMPORTANT: if you are viewing this on a Mac or Safari, the entire page may be moving. You should view this on either IE or Firefox.

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