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Originally Posted by Imar View Post
I don't want to sound harsh or rude, but I think I need to answer No to all questions:

1) Did you understand the goal of this website and the project?

No, not at all. Humor, maybe? I had no idea.

2) Did you find any glitches in the website (such as a link that doesn't work)?

After two minutes my eyes started bleeding because of the million different font colors, sizes, animated background and flying images so I haven't tried them all. Since this is a single page web site, I think you should be good to go though. Not much that can be broken.

3) Was the text readable? Are there certain sections that should be a larger font size, a different color... (tell me which section)

Not all all. Dark backgrounds, millions of different colors makes things impossible to read. Also, presenting content in a drop down just to display it as a list doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Something like this is easy to read (random example):

4) Even if you won't revisit the website, since it doesn't matter in your life, did you think that the design was cool (the music in the beginning, the updated clock, the feedback section, the scrolling images...)

No. I didn't hear the music (possible because my sound system was off). I don't like clocks in web sites (I don't see the point; if I want to know what time it is I look at my watch). I also don't like the pop ups you get on page load and when you leave. I just don't see the point. I was totally lost on the feedback section (now which button do I need to press to burn this form). I was also surprised and slightly irritated by the "bye" alert when I tried to submit something or closed my browser.

I can see you put a lot of work on this and you must be proud of it. So, that's what I really like about this site. However, I don't think you should ask professional web developers what they think of it. I think you're better off asking your friends on MSN or MySpace.... ;-)

Good luck with your site.

Thanks so much for the great feedback!

I developed that site completely by myself, and I'm sure that to a professional web designer it seems like miserable slime. But I only know HTML/XHTML and CSS, and I'm glad of what I accomplished, even if it is miserable slime.
A few points I need to comment on:
1) You said that you didn't hear the music because your sound was turned off. Well, you shouldn't criticize me on that - just turn your sound on. Also, I thought that the way the music was displayed as an Ipod touch was a cool addition, and you could click the button on the ipod to see the full list of songs - just like a regular ipod.
2) On the submit form - to submit your feedback, all you need to do is click the picture of the asteroid that says "Submit". The one that says "Clear" acts as a reset button. When you submit, a new page will open saying "Thank you." You can ignore that page.
3) The animated background is a starfield. Other than that, nothing else is animted.
4) The different colors were designed based on what each business ad was. For example: The Io red water rafting business ad had a red font, since lava is red.
5) I explained what the site is about in the section "Project DARE." The only thing I didn't explain were the business ads. Anyway, my target audience knows what the page is about.

I wanted to make my page fancy, and I thought I accomplished this with the different fonts, colors, animated background, goldenrod border around table, asteroids instead of horizontal rules, asteoids instead of bullet points in a list, borders around images, and all those graphics were made by me. That's really what I wanted feedback on.

You're the author of ASP.NET books. Currently, I'm not on that level, so I can see why you think my page is miserable slime.

Oh yeah, I forgot to add that I'm not even an adult.

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