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Originally Posted by Imar View Post
Don't get me wrong; I am not criticizing you; I am just telling you what I like and don' like.

Personally, I find background music on web sites really annoying; especially when there is no way to turn it off. It tends to interfere with the music I am listening to. That's why my sound is off; and I can't be bothered to turn it on. Nothing personal, but for me it adds no value.

It just so happens that the entire background is filled with this. And then there's the marquees and the animated banners or other images. Just too much for my old eyes and taste....

BTW: no need to quote an entire message when you reply here....
You can turn the music off. Just click the pause button on the iPod touch. The marquees will be removed and replaced with Javascript.
What do you mean by animated banners? None of the pictures are animated.

And by the way, criticism is good!

Also, if I were developing a professional site, I would definitely remove the animated starfield. However, this site is for a project I'm presenting to young children (mainly), and most of the time they will be watching a video that will be full screen, so they won't see the animated starfield. Rather, when I scroll down to the video on the site, they will say "Aah! Ooh! Moving background!"

If you look all the way on the bottom, so far only 208 people visited. You can see that my target audience isn't large - I don't intend for it to be large.

Finally, on my previous web site, I had an option to change the color of the background to a plain color. I'm sure you'll be happier with that. The problem is that the web site was based on frames, and I'm reluctant to use frames now. I even heard they're going to be remvoed in HTML 5. Do you know a way that I can accomplish the same thing without frames?

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