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Well, at first i wanted to ask the question ive asked now.. but after executing the files in the Demos folder using the "Start Debugging" (Green Arrow of IDE) i found that the error is raised from the IDE, an exception was raised there about the title and not in the browser so i wondered why cause doing the same for the login.aspx or default.aspx result in the executing inside the browser..

So when i use the "Debugging" I though that the small green arrow was the same as CTRL+F5 but look like i was wrong. The green arrow execute code inside the IDE which CTRL+F5 run the code in the browser by launching it. However, using that green arrow for the login.aspx and default.aspx work perfectly.. but using it for the files inside the Demos folder... cause problems or errors.. i still wonder why ?

Anyway the Green arrow is confusing.. cause it look like it mean "Run"..

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