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Default Chapter 6 To Do List

book typos:

    public void onSaveInstanceState(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
its savedInstanceState

According to the book, the new code is suppose to save UI State.

If I click the "Add New Item" to get the text box to show. Then click home, when I return back to the app, the text box continues to show.

When I click the menu, I get the "Add New Item". Then I click the home button and start up the todo list app. After it loads, the "Add New Item" no longer shows. Should this be happening?

I also thought the items were persisting. It turns out if I use the settings application force stop and start up the app, the items no longer appear. Without using the force stop, it appears that items do persist. Which means the app does not killed by pressing the back. I do not recall how to kill and app. Can I be reminded?