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Default Hey thanks for the quick message

Hi Jen : Update: I tested with bees templates and I still got the same warning message, so then I called my domain host and he said he had to upgrade me to PHP5.

Now I am getting another error: when I try to edit the global configuration I get this:

"An Error has occurred! Unable to open configuration.php file to write!"

In my haste of re-installing joomla I used the Fantastico deLuxe this last time.
Could this be causing this problem?

Should I delete the site and reload joomla again from scratch or shall I down load the configuration.php and try to re-load it. Are these error common in joomla?
Is there a place where these common problems are stored so I don't have to bother you.

thanks again for the personal message.
Sincerely, Diane

ps. I have book and I have been working my way through your movies on Lynda. I think you rock!