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Question You are not authorized to view this page – Configuring IIS/Login


I am starting with this ASP.NET book by Varallo, and I have completed the fourth chapter. At this point the book encourages us to look at a few pages in the browser like the Administration/Administration.aspx ( i.e. http://localhost/PaidTimeOffUI/Admin...istration.aspx)

I attempted looking at these pages, (in IE and FireFox) and I get a dialog box “Connect to <My Computer Name>” asking me to enter the User name and Password.

I am new to ASP.NET and Microsoft related technologies, though I have experience on OO Design. I am wondering if someone more experienced than myself would provide me the steps on configuring this application to work from within VS 2008.

I am using VS 2008, SQL Server 2005 and IIS 5.1 on Win XP

As mentioned at the end of Chap. 1 – I created a virtual directory PaidTimeOffUI. From posts in this forum, I understand that I needed to use Windows Integrated Authentication.

So I Right Clicked on “Default Website” in the IIS, went to “Properties”, and went to the “Directory Security” Tab. Here under “Anonymous Access and Authentication Control” I clicked the “Edit” Button. In this dialog I unchecked “Anonymous Access” and checked “Integrated Windows Authentication”. I repeated these steps for the PaidTimeOffUI site which is a child of the “Default Website”.

In Chap 2, we are required to put in the first record into ENTUserAccount Table. While putting this record, I changed the WindowsAccountName to my own i.e. <My Computer>\<My User Name> (My User name has Admin rights on this machine.) instead of VARALLO1\VinceVarallo

After these settings if I got to http://localhost/PaidTimeOffUI/Admin...istration.aspx - I get the dialog box “Connect to <My Computer Name>” asking me to enter the User name and Password. I tried putting a breakpoint in the Page_Load() of the Administration/Administration.aspx page, and it does not get triggered before I get the dialog, so I think IIS is stopping it.

I would be grateful if someone could provide me the steps on configuring IIS beyond what I have done above. Also please let me know if there is some other place to put to breakpoint to check if it has gotten past IIS.

Thanks a lot,