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Default Connecting and retrieving data from postgresql dat

I'm a bit confused about the best way to connect to a database server
from .net. Basically I have a Linux machine running the PostgreSQL
database server which I routinely connect to from Windows 2000 Server,
via ODBC, using a database admin tool.

I need to access and modify the contents of tables on my PostgreSQL
database from .net in C#. There seem to be a lot of ways of doing this
and I don't know the difference between them nor which is the best way
for my purposes. Should I use ADO, OLEDB? Can I achieve what I want just
using the SqlConnection and SqlCommand classes? Do I need to download
and install Oracle.NET and what is the relevance of the
System.Data.Odbc.dll file?

With MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class) things were a lot simpler, I used
the CDatabase and CRecordset classes; you connected using ODBC with
CDatabase and used CRecordset to manage your sql queries/commands. Is
there a similar pair of classes in .net?

Many thanks for your help, as you can see I am a bit unsure of my ground