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Default Groupie - How to create/join a room

Hello and thanks again for this great book :)

I am trying to run the Groupie application against my OpenFire server,
installed on my localhost.

I have followed this post on how to configure apache to redirect calls to OpenFire:

and it works fine (I am testing stansas with Peek).

I have a problem creating or joining a room. The OpenFire has the MUC service enabled, and I can create rooms through the admin panel.

I have created a room called "room1".

Using Peek, I send this stanza to join this room (my OpenFire server address is "yaron-pc", and the MUC service address is "conference.yaron-pc"

The stanza I send:

<presence to="room1@conference.yaron-pc/mynick" from="admin@yaron-pc">
<x xmlns="" />

I am not getting any reply. I have also tried using my full JID in the "from" field. Before I do this, I authenticate myself on the server, and send a regular presence stanza to the server (I apear as online on the admin panel sessions list)

It seems that nothing happens. In the admin panel, the list of Room Occupants is empty.

Thank you in advance