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Thank you for the insight on that issue. You are quite correct and that was completely my fault, no wonder I couldn't get it to work. I looked right at the book and what file to open in my browser and still did the wrong thing.

Going back and looking through the book, perhaps I misspoke about code not working. I should have said poorly written code. Then again I am a beginner and I could be wrong on poorly written. When you are teach a beginning programmer anything you should have clear well written documented code, that is not what I am seeing. Beginners need structure. The file ch6_examp7.htm is not what I would consider code for a beginner. It does not close the option tag and the break tag is not consistent with other break tags throughout the book ie <BR> instead of <br>. You can argue that option tags doe not need to be closed in HTML and that <BR> and <br> do the same thing. To that I answer this book is for beginners and structure is what is needed.

There is another example that I can't find right now that open two paragraph tags and only closes one. No big deal, but once again no structure.

I realize that this is a java script book, but I am trying to learn, and I think that the code should be structured better.

Thank you for your prompt responses and the issue that I was having .
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