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This is a common question and...

A little context is probably necessary to address most of your concerns. This book was started with PR2 of the MVC Framework, and most of what you see today in the MVC 1.0 Framework wasn't yet in the framework at the time. We as the authors did out best to keep the book as close to the framework as possible with each of the 7 releases after PR2.

There were many challenges including keeping the API up to date and other things that come along with trying to write a program for an actively developing framework. Which included, API Changes, Name Changes, Style Changes, Syntax Changes, and full examples like the Membership provider.

This is why you see the "quality" of books going down as you put it. I don't necessarily agree or disagree with that statement. Because these technical books now have to compete with freely published blogs with mostly the same content. And these books take a year or more to complete, so inorder to release the book at the same time as a new framework, many things have to be done in parallel. And unlink blogs we cannot just ignore what we wrote in the past, we have to go through and update the book, which is very time consuming.

So we have to balance our book schedule release, with other logistical factors around the printing press and release dates and framework schedules.

This is why you don't see an exact copy of the membership provider, because it was created way back in PR2 when we first started coding the project, and the current example didn't exist in the MVC solution. We did our best to bring it as close as possible as we could with out having to rewrite the entire chapter from scratch.

I hope this helps in understanding logistically and gives you a context of what it takes to create a book that comes out at the same time as the framework while still trying to stay relevant with a changing framework, even when starting the book a good year before the framework was officially released.
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