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Smile Thanks for the clarification


I again want to stress my thanks for at least gathering all this material and publishing this book. My aim is not to disparage you and your co-authors, nor discourage you from publishing. In fact, to the contrary--I hope that it will spur you on to continue writing and improving the craft (and I'm not saying you're a bad writer, but as you write more, you get better and better at it, it doesn't matter how many years you've been writing ), as well as the content of the book.

I know the beginnings of the MVC were very immature. I did not realize, however, that you started with that early of a release! That does put quite a bit more perspective on the book. One thing that could've helped alleviate some of these concerns is by stating in the Introduction to the book what release of the framework you were writing the book against--since, as you know, the framework was changing almost daily--there were bound to be changes from the time of publication to the time of the release of MVC 1.0.

But again, I hope that you will take the things I said to heart, such as using better semantic markup (so that your content is SEO friendly, as well as your URLs), better formatting of example code in the book, and better description of what should be done when and when 3rd party libraries are in use and when/where to reference them.

I understand the fierce competition with blogs. As much as I like finding information on the web, sometimes it's good to just sit down with a book and leaf through the pages. So, for me, it's best to have a well written, well edited book. Books will never beat blogs in terms of their content, clarity, and cohesiveness (well, the way a lot of books have been done in the past few years, dare I say that perhaps books are "falling down to the level" of blogs--but this is not against the authors, but rather all publishers).

I sure hope that the book industry at large, and their authors will continue to produce high-quality material that is irreplaceable (even from a competition stand point). I look forward to another edition of this book, if there is one forthcoming.

Perhaps an errata item could be made regarding the use of 3rd party libraries, their MVC 1.0 RTM equivalents (if available). Also, in chapter 5, the code listing forgot to include the Login action method (however, I got it from the download, but I was confused when I went to make the Login View knowing I hadn't written an action for it in the UserController).

Again, thank you for the clarification, and your hard work. Providing (I hope constructive) criticism helps make your work better in the future, which helps me get better, so it's in my own best interest, as well as yours, to provide it. If I offended with my comments, I did not intend to, and did not intend anything personal--I'm just worried about the quality of books I see coming out from publishers (and the authors whose names are attached).

Sincerest Regards,