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One more for now and hopefully I will be finished complaining about this book,, but I reserve to revisit. Once again my favorite area the Trivia Quiz, this I really complain about because it could be worth the price of the book; if it would work that is. Page 326 is modifying the code to the function getQuestion and this piece of code is written. questionHTML = questionHTML + 'document.QuestionForm.txtAnswer.value = "";<\/script>. This piece of code does not work. I then ran the downloaded code from the book and it functioned flawlessly. This always brings groans because it's time to troubleshoot code and I start looking for my typos. Low and behold I could not find anything so I open up the downloaded code and it is different than what is in the book. I want to code, not troubleshoot the authors code. Also the function getAnswer which in on the AskQuestion page has this little snippet:
while (document.QuestionForm.radQuestionChoice[answer].checked != true)
answer = String.fromCharCode(65 + answer);

Now I do not claim to be a programmer; that is why I purchased Beginning JavaScript, but shouldn't a while loop start with a{ and end with a }. Yes it is only one line, but once again. This book is for beginners, and it is much easier to see while loops if they are all structured the same.

It is really hard to be objective due to the last Wrox book I purchased Beginning PHP 6.0 Apache and MySQL.
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