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Exclamation So where is the solution

I am not agree with "fourpastmidnight" about not creating complete new Membership Managing interface and using ASP.NET's pages. It is always good to have own user management GUIs and sections specific for the project. For example for the branding of the website it is very important. Also it is good to have own implementation as it is not existing in MVC.

Anyway, for 2,3 days I am facing a problem for which I cannot get a solution neither in Wrox nor in codeplex. I finished solution part of Chapter 5 - Membership implementation. When I run the project I am having an errors in UserController.cs at role deletion part related to [Service, HttpPostOnly]. Here:

[Authorize(Roles = "Admin")]
[Service, HttpPostOnly]
public ActionResult DeleteRole(string id)
return View(new { id = id });

As I researched it is related to external library called ManagedFusion something on which you discussed a lot in this post.

Nick, you have explained a lots of staff - I appreciate that but I did not see any concrete & exact step-by-step explained solution. As stated by other readers I bought this book to follow Problem-Desgin-SOLUTION steps but not to research blogs. Still being NOT completely new to ASP.NET, I now really stucked at this point. Please provide this missing explanation for your book. As an additional information I am using MVC 2.0 with VS 2008. I finished Solution part of Membership Management - chapter 5. Till that point I did not see anything about ManagedFusion, neither ServiceAttribute.cs if they are also needed please include in explanation.

I am not upset using external library. But explanation should be provided. Also, explanation can be forgotten - maybe. Then it must be covered in these forums or in companion websites which is given in the book.

Additional errors for which no explanation exist are

-Iso3166CountryCodes - does not exist in current context
-TheBeerHouseDataContext in GetOccupationList. Where does this datacontext is created and how? When did you create this occupation list table in DB
- return this.Redirect(303, userInformation.ReturnUrl); argument problems in user Registration action result.


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