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Post Referencing ManagedFusion.*dll in your Project


First, I think you misunderstood what I meant by "customized" user membership. You are correct that you would want to design your own membership pages (as far as HTML and presentation are concerned). However, what I was talking about is that ASP.NET MVC provides all the code and logic for user membership and role management in the AccountController.cs file that's included in the standard MVC 1.0 Web Application project template.

As discussed by Nick and I, the book used a very early release of MVC. So the functionality I was talking about that comes "out of the box" came out after the book went to print in the final released version of ASP.NET MVC, hence why I asked about Nick "re-writing" all that code.

As for the ManagedFusion DLL, I'll give you a hand.

First, download the code from codeplex if you haven't already. When you open the zipped file, there will be a folder called Resources. Inside this folder are the ManagedFusion.dll, ManagedFusion.pdb, ManagedFusion.Web.dll and ManagedFusion.Web.pdb files. The *.pdb files, if I remember correctly, are for debugging purposes, so you probably want those, but they aren't strictly necessary.

I created a new directory in my project called 'lib' and extracted these four files into my newly created directory. (You can call the directory anything, but I called it 'lib'). You don't need the System.Web.Mvc.dll file because it's part of the standard ASP.NET MVC framework.

Once you have extracted the files into a folder in your project, you now need to reference them. Right-click the References folder in your project and choose Add Reference.... In Visual Studio 2010, there's a tab in the dialog box that opens called Browse. I don't know if there is a similar tab in Visual Studio 2008, but you need to browse to the directory where you placed the DLLs and choose both the ManagedFusion.dll and ManagedFusion.Web.dll files.

Lastly, in the UserController.cs file, add the following statement under your other 'using' statements:

using ManagedFusion.Web.Mvc;
That should be it for that.