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Hi Imar,

1, What do you mean with " I'm getting a pop up"? A dialog popping up? Where? In the browser? In Visual Studio? Or do you mean a warning in the VS Error List?

When I edit the file monochrome.css in VWD, it is underlined with a red zig zag line. When I hover the mouse over it I get a yellow box stating z-index is not a known property name".

2. Which browser are you using? Does the menu look good in other browsers?

The menu is a plain white box in both IE8 and Firefox.

3. Which OS are you using? And which version of the .NET Framework?

Vista Home premium and VWD 3.5

4. Are you sure the style is not applied? What happpens when you add: border: 3px solid red; to the dynamic style and do a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5). Is the border applied then?

Not sure as to what you mean here...Sorry!

Cheers Bill
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