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Thumbs up HTTP Post Only Actions


Wow! Thanks for the reply. Apparently, there is much more to this than just making sure you accept only HTTP POST verbs. I'm relatively "new" to Web programming. I understand the basics (which is probably what 80% of all "web programmers" really understand, if you think about it). I had no idea that the 404 would be returned through MS's attribute.

I am aware of most of the HTTP error codes, but 405 is not one of them. That's interesting. Thanks again, I am truly here to learn. Guess I should get my hands on the HTTP spec and check MS's code for what they're doing. It's unfortunate that I can't trust them to create "compliant" code when that's what they're touting.

Guess I'll be hooking back up ManagedFusion.Web.Mvc.dll.