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Default Using a list or combo that is filtered


This is my first time posting and may need a little prompting to give you all the information you need to answer my quuestion. Please be patient.

I have a challenging project. I am creating scorecards. I initially thought I could do most of this with PivotTable, but I am restricted to using Excel 2003 and PivotTables do not accept conditional formatting. So here is what I need.

A country sells certain products and there are allowable market targets that should be reached. If a product does not meet the range then it turns red or yellow. I have that worked out. However, they would like a dynamic pick list (only products in trouble) to appear in the next column allowing them to pick from one of the products that are in trouble and then take them to the next scorecard that shows metrics about that product in that country. I have an if that evaluates the market targets and returns Y, R or G. The list needs to show only the Y or R products and the list box does not need to show at all if there are only G products. It doesn't make sense to have a different scorecard for each product in country. I would think that if you could come up with a dynamic pick list, it could also filter the next scorecard by country and product. Please let me know what you think. Is this doable and if so how?


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