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Actually, you can't run ASP on some versions of Windows. For the simple reason that ASP in turn requires the IIS web server and MicroSlop just decided to deny it to "home" users. I know you can't do it with XP Home Edition and I don't believe you can do it with Vista Home Basic.

This also means you can't run ASP.NET pages on those systems using IIS. But you *can* still develop ASP.NET on them, because Visual Studio (even the free Express editions) includes a built-in mini-web-server (which is only capable of serving up HTML and ASP.NET pages).

But running an application "under" Visual Studio is not something you would ordinarily want to do. Okay if it's only for your own use, but surely you wouldn't give that to anybody else (among other things, any silly slip-up by them could do untold damage to your files).

In practice, if you want to use ASP or ASP.NET pages via http://localhost you need to install IIS. And that means you need to upgrade from the Home Edition to the next step up. (WIndows Vista Home Premium, for example, is what I use for both ASP and ASP.NET and yes, it includes a [somewhat limited] version of IIS.)

Failing all this, you could install an Apache web server on virtually any operating system and run PHP pages. Or install Tomcat and run JSP. Only MicroSquish knows why they think home users don't deserve even a miniature web server.
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