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I don'dt understand any of your reply. The code segments only come in chapter-size blocks - either a chapter at a time or all chapter-size blocks zipped into one file. When you unznip the big file you get 30-odd smaller zip files, each one of which must be unziiped somewhere. So thereis NO "leave all teh extracated files in one folder". They do not come in one folder. I would have to put them there and there is no indication that this would work and a good probability; that it would fail due to namiing overlaps, etc.

AS STATED ABOVE,, the erant fils are not missing - they are in the flat chapter files. Evidently, the code/structure is expecting to find them somewhere else - womewhere that was sent as an empty structure or not sent all, since only 2 of the chapters are not flat, ie no structure.

Please try again.