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Default Team Foundation Server 2010 - Legacy Code & VSS

Going to install TFS 2010 today, however have few doubts here:

In our current setup, we use:

ASP.Net 1.1

ASP.Net 2.0


VB 6.0

Classic ASP 3.0


DB objects that contains SPs, Functions,Triggers and DML codes.

We have our VSS folder like :


- Classic ASP

- All module wise classic asp files and JS files


- All module wise 1.1 files and JS files

- ASPX2.0

- All module wise classic 2.0 files and JS files


- Module wise folder for VB 6.0

- A folder called MiddleTier.Net

- Business Layer

- All C# files

- Data Layer

- All C# files


- DBObjects

- Sps

- All Sps are in dbo.XXXX.PRC format

- Functions

- All funcs in dbo.XXXXX.FUN format

- Triggers

- All triggers in dbo.XXXXX.TRG format


- Per build file which includes Create tables, migration, delete scripts etc

Now, we want to:

- Move from VSS to TFS

- TFS must support VB 6.0, Classic ASP 3.0, DB objects and X.XX versions check-in/Check-out process

- Automate the build for .Net ONLY as we are planning to move code written in .net X.X to .Net 4.0 . Also, want to know if VB and ASP auto build is also possible.

- Implement CI for .Net part OR for entire product if allowed for VB and ASP

- Must be able to do preform code analysis for DB objects, Build must take checked-in files along with related SPS, functions, DML files if any and make the build, run the test, execute the DB objects to see if syntax error etc

Can anyone please guide me whether the above are possible with TFS 2010.