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Apologies folks for the confusion. Here's an update:

WRT the SDRAudit.bak database issue: the tables that are missing aren't used in later chapters building the healthcare application. The related tables you need to import are only the auditedAction table and the AuditedClassType tables. The other tables were initially considered to be used but later they weren't. So you can build the app without those tables.

This also affects Chapter 4. On Page 108 (#16), you are asked to create a relationship using the AuditedObject table. This relationship also isn't needed later in the book.

WRT the SDR_Healthcare.xlsx already having the data loaded: The file (used to create the starting state of the healthcare app) doesn't contain SDR_Healthcare.xlsx. The various chapter downloads do contain versions of this spreadsheet with data already loaded but that is by design - those chapter downloads are intended to be the state of the workbook at the end of each of those chapters. They are available in case you wanted to play around with those chapters' results without going through the steps of actually creating the app or for working through the instructions of the following chapters without starting from scratch.

I'll send some email to the Wrox folks so that the errata gets updated for these issues.

Just another comment: we did rush to get the book out in time for the release of PowerPivot and apologize for the "rough edges" folks are finding. We appreciate you folks who raise these issues and we will work through them to help get you answers and update the errata pages. Thank you all.

-Denny, Ron, Siva