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Those are just "aliases". A far *BETTER* way to write that would be:
   $query = 'SELECT 
       c.alias, c.real_name, c.alignment, 
       l.address,, z.state, z.zipcode_id 
           comic_character AS c, comic_lair AS l, comic_zipcode AS z 
           z.zipcode_id = l.zipcode_id AND 
           c.lair_id = l.lair_id AND 
           c.character_id = '. $character_id; 
So that the AS clearly says "this is an alias I am using."

That is, those are "shortcut" names given to those tables, for convenience.

That code is 100% equivalent to
   $query = 'SELECT 
       comic_character.alias, comic_character.real_name, comic_character.alignment, 
       comic_lair.address,, comic_zipcode.state, comic_zipcode.zipcode_id
       FROM comic_character, comic_lair, comic_zipcode 
           comic_zipcode.zipcode_id = comic_lair.zipcode_id AND 
           comic_character.lair_id = comic_lair.lair_id AND 
           comic_character.character_id = ' . $character_id; 
You see? It makes the code easier to read, but other than that it has *ZERO* impact on the query.
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