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Default Can't connect to bosh.metajack nor my own server :(


I read ~75% of the book and think its an excellent book, very clear yet powerful stuff. Thank you Jack for writing this book!

However today I tried running the examples and failed miserably :(
I am running my own XMPP server (Openfire). It has an http binding feature, and emite (GWT XMPP lib+client) connect to it just fine.

I tried chapter 4 example (Peek) but it doesn't connect. I am pretty new to javascript and web programming in general, but looks to me like doesn't reply. It replies fine to the browser.

I see there is another thread with this issue and its unresolved there, so I figured instead of connecting to bosh.metajack I'd connect to my server directly.
I changed the connection url to my machine, and I get an error from flXHR (seen thanks to firebug)
flXHR::onreadystatechange(): Error, An error occurred in the handler function. (xml.tagName is undefined)

The error message is cryptic and didn't give me much to work on, but I figured I don't need flXHR because I can host the webpage from the same machine that runs the xmpp server. So I removed the flXHR imports from the html.

Now I don't have any errors in firebug, but it still doesn't connect. Looking at the Net tab, under XHR I see 3 attempts to http bind, all have status "200 aborted".

What am I doing wrong?

I am using
JID Iftah@ (I tried also just Iftah)
Server (the openfire http binding)

as I said I can connect using another XMPP javascript client (emite).

thanks in advance,