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Default A little more assistance please

Hi Jim

I don't seem to get a response in the Forum links you provided earlier. I posed the question below. Is this a badly asked question or difficult to understand? Are you able to help me with this query? Thanks:

" To whom it may concern

I am relatively new to programming, esp in C#, but I am looking to build an app that can navigate through records in an SQL database.

My colleagues have setup some stored procedures to access data from the database. I then created some Table Adapters, within a Data Source, to access these stored procedures.

The code below allows me to search for a particular record within the table adapter (taEmployeeMaster) based on the EmpID.
this.taEmployeeMasterTableAdapter.Fill(this.dsEmpl oyeeContact.taEmployeeMaster, ModifySearch);
where ModifySearch is a string input via a text box control on the Windows Form.

Based on this code, I should be able to use the Binding Context to navigate through the dataset - using Position++ and Position--? Below is the code I thought would perform this action, please can you help me identify why the code does not work?
this.BindingContext[this.dsEmployeeContact.taEmployeeMaster, EmpID].Position++

Thank you kindly for your assistance
Chris "
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