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Default Alternative to flXHR?


As it seems many people are having problems with flHR. Also it's something that requires flash plugin being installed on computer. I think this is pretty much against the spirit/philosophy behind the book. I wanted to start learning things on this book and start to create something, but now noticing that any person who is going to use the site I create, need to have Flash plugin installed?

Really, is this necessary? Flash itself is giving problems to people. If not now, maybe from the next version that will be installed. How about creating something cross-platform, maybe even mobile applications. Flash is not simply available nor people willing to install it at all.

I wouldn't call flash an open technology. It's proprietary. It requires something proprietary being installed on your computer. That should be mentioned in the book!

Sorry for being too offensive, this was just a big show-stopper for me. I think it's been also show-stopper for google who is in process of changing youtube videos to WebM.