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Default Passing a hardcoded value and manipulating data before passing it to Database table

Guys, this is not a scenario from the BizTalk book, but one that I am in the process of integrating.

I have a scenario in which i get a pipe delimited flat file which I have to send to SQL. I have three columns viz. Description, Amount and Code in SQL. I have three important queries :

1. I have a few columns in the SQL table in which i need to pass on a hardcoded value and these columns have no corresponding fields in the flat file.Eg: If description of a column in the file is NET Sales, then Code is 40004.

2. I have a few columns in which i have to pass a specific value and these fields have got corresponding values in the flat file.Eg: If Net 2 Sales Quarter is the description in the file, then i need to pass it as Net Sales.

3. I need to add the Amount for certain values in the File and pass on the whole set of values in the file to a single row in SQL with the specific values:Eg: I have the flat file values as the values below and I need to add the two amounts and pass a specific description and the code a specific value as usual to the database table:

Description Amount

Net Sales $500

ManagerSalary $30000

The SQL table data for the above data would be:

Description Amount Code
Total Sales $30500 98098

Looking forward to your help at the earliest.

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