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Hello,I am a fish here,my words may not be helpful at all.
You can try this:
Me.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized
If that does't work,try this:
        Me.Left = VB6.TwipsToPixelsX(CSng(GetSetting(My.Application.Info.Title, "Settings", "MainLeft", CStr(1000))))
        Me.Top = VB6.TwipsToPixelsY(CSng(GetSetting(My.Application.Info.Title, "Settings", "MainTop", CStr(1000))))
        Me.Width = VB6.TwipsToPixelsX(CSng(GetSetting(My.Application.Info.Title, "Settings", "MainWidth", CStr(6500))))
        Me.Height = VB6.TwipsToPixelsY(CSng(GetSetting(My.Application.Info.Title, "Settings", "MainHeight", CStr(6500))))
That's what I do with my computer,you may need to change some parameters.
Good luck!
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