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Default Where to obtain software for Ivor Horton's Book--Beginning Visual C++ 2010

I just completed an online course in which MS Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition was used. To continue my study of this subject I purchased Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 2010.

Horton says that the Express Edition is not adequate for this book. I will need a version of Visual C++ 2010 (or Visual Studio 2010) that supports Microsoft Foundation Classes to use this book properly.

I have searched the net, talked to many vendors including Microsoft "certified technicians". I have been unable to get a clear answer on specific software that will satisfy the required conditions for using this book.

The most plausibly advice received is I must get the full version (no upgrade) of Visual Studio 2010 which retails for over $800.00.

If someone can help me identify the specific software needed I will greatly appreciate it. PS:I have recently been having trouble with downloads due to connectivity problems. If there is a source where I could get the required software on CD that would be best.

At this point I will appreciate any guidance provided. Thanks in advance.