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Default How to represent the path/motion of a robot in an image from Visual Simulation Enviro

Hi all,

I am particularly referencing to the images showing the path of robots in "WROX Programmer to programmer- Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio" book in figures 11-8, 12-7, 12-36. The book represents these images as the motion of the robot, path of the robot, time-lapse image or overlay images. However, I do not find any option to create or save such overlay images in visual simulation environment 2008.

The only option I find in visual simulation environment 2008 is from "File>Capture image As" which saves the current frame as an image file. I have a hexapod walking in the visual simulation environment and my intention is to the save its walk simulation as a single image showing the position and orientation of the robot at different frames just as represented in the figures I mentioned above from the WROX book.

I really appreciate any help and assistance in this regard.