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Default Posting problem with forms think JS is the answer?

I am having some issues with a form I am trying to build. Essentailly there are 3 parts to this form: Section A, Section B, and Section C.
Within Section A, if someone changes the date in a textbox, then, it need to be submitted back to the page to run the same query with a different date. The results populate Section B. Section C, changes with the change date in Section A, but it can also change with the date from and to in section B. Section C is a dynamically built table this checkboxes that an individual can select to be saved.
I then need a submit button to post all three sections to another page to be saved in the DB. I think I have a problem with my architecture, but here it is.

Section A is a form in and of itself with a onChange event for posting the new date back to the page.

Section B is also a form in and of itself which displays the query results form section A, but here is a catch, the user has to be able to edit any of the text boxes in section B. The user can then also change the from and to dates in section B to change the results of section C.

Section C is a third form which allows the user to select multiple options to be saved in the DB.

Thus, since nested forms is not an option, is there a way to capture the input changes in section B and pass them into the form of Section C so that all of them can be handled on another page accordingly???

I hope you are not as confused as I am!!! Thanks for the help!!!

ps. If anyone actually can respond to this you are SUCH A MAN/WOMAN! WOW!!!!!!
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