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Default what i can't find in the book

suppose I want to build a page on which my users can see (following the planet wrox site) a details view of 'reviews' but read-only and i want to show not the 'GenreId' property but the actual Genre name. How do I build this? because If I make a connection to a SQLconnectionstring connected to the 'Reviews' table I only can retrieve the 'GenreId' property because that's in that specific table.
In the book, in chapter 13 thispossibility is built using a dropdown menu (page 470) but then only in inserting or updating.

Parallell i want to make a detailsview page in my site with all the details of a certain 'VACATURE'. In my 'vacature'table I use:
--- 'FunctieId' for the type of job, connected to 'FunctieNaam' in the 'Functie' table and
--- 'FiliaalId' which refers to 'FiliaalNaam' in my 'Filiaal' table
But how do I get the data from Vacature united with FunctiNaam en FiliaalNaam in one detailsview?

Quite a story, right? Well, that's not all:

From my page 'VacaturesTotaa.aspx' you get to the detailspage through a working hyperlink field in a gridview, which adds a querystring to the URL to the 'detailsviewPage.aspx' (working!) but how do i retrieve this querystring's value on the details page so i tell the detailsview what to show in the detailsview considering that querystring's 'Id'?

did I explain that correctly? I cost me already a day of experimenting and i can't get it to work....


Weer een noodkreet uit Sneek...greetz!

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