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Default Adding records using form and subform

I need someone to get me started,
I have two tables:
   tCon: tTrans:
   ConID TransID
   EnvNo EnvNo
   Name Money

This is suppose to work like a bank account. I need to make a form with a subform so that I can type in an [EnvNo] in a textbox and in the subform it will display the [Name] and [Desc] for that EnvNo. That was the easy part because I got it to work the other part is that the main form has a textbox for [Money]. After a user types in an [EnvNo] and the information displays below in the subform, they can then type in the [Money] and press a commmand button. This is suppose to add a record to [tTrans] with the current [EnvNo] and that money. I got this to work but it only is able to add it once. If I was to press the command button again after adding one amount it just replaces the previous records money amount without adding a new record with a new transaction.

Please I need some help.

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