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Default Dynamic Button Generation

Iam building a dynamic table with 5 cells. The first cell will be a button to be used to select that row. I am not having a problem creating the table row by row. However I can not figure out how to capture the event when the button in cell is pressed.
code sample
TableRow tblRow = new TableRow();
TableCell[] tblCell - new TableCell[5];
tblCell[0] = new TableCell();
tblCell[1] = new TableCell();
tblCell[4] = new TableCell();

SelButton = new Button();
SelButton.ID = "SelBtn";
SelButton.CommandArg = "Select";
// add remaining cells

I can not figure out how I dynamically add the
'OnCommand = "CommandBtn_Clicked" ' to the button.

Any and all help is welcomed.