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Default Map position totally wrong

Having run into the same issue, I've done as you suggest and although I now get the map showing up, it looks like the CSS is completely messed up.

I can see a grey box that looks like it's supposed to contain the map. However, this box isn't in the same part of the page as the books suggests it should be. Furthermore - and more importantly - the map isn't in this box. Instead, the map appears at the top-left of the page as if it's been absolutely-positioned. AND, the "Bing" logo is in the bottom-left of the screen (rather than the bottom-left of the map) and the legend is in the bottom-right.

It looks like the map isn't being contained within the "theMap" div.

Any ideas or suggestions? It's quite difficult to proceed through the rest of chapter while the map is blocking most of the controls on the page.