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Default That's not the root of the problem

No, there's no CSS for #mapDiv anywhere in my solution.

In retrospect, this seems a little silly. However, while following the book, at no point have I been told to create a style for the mapDiv.

Also, even if there was a CSS selector for #mapDiv, this wouldn't explain why the map is 'blowing up' all over the page, i.e. the map in the top-left, "bing" in the bottom-left, and the map legend in the bottom-right of the webpage, entirely outside the div that's supposed to be containing it.

And why is the containing element (the visible grey box) below the controls rather than to the right of them? Yes, your CSS fix would probably resolve this, but shouldn't that be in the book?

I know you didn't write the book, flyinhawaiian, and I do appreciate your reply, but there's something other than positioning on the mapDiv going wrong here.

UPDATE: I've now added that styling, and the grey box (in which the map should be contained, has moved to the bottom-right. So it looks like there's supposed to be some styling attached to #dinnerDiv which hasn't been included in the book.

flyinhawaiian - would I be right in thinking that you found that #mapDiv styling on a downloaded version of the project?

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