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Default A couple of missing points in the SharePoint 2010 Administration Book.


I've just recieved this book, and whilst it contains a great deal of information it seems to miss the point in key areas of configuring a SharePoint 2010 Farm.

From the research I have done, it is not considered best practice to use the 'Initial Farm Configuration Wizard' for anything but bringing up a quick demo, as it takes unnecessary shortcuts to provision services etc.

On this advice, I wanted a book that would talk through configuring the Service Applications, in particular User Profile Service Application.

It is not possible to provision this server either manually or through the Initial Farm Configuration Wizard without first adding the farm account as a local administrator on the front end server.

The book seems to completely fail to document/explain this fact, and thus doesn't cover the basics of bringing up a farm either with or without the usage of the wizard?

I'd be interested to hear the authors points of view on this?


Conrad Goodman
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