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Default Joomla Book

I am working through Joomla! Start to Finish and I get to chapter 12 and wham - It uses Dreamweaver for the examples. Bummer. It mentions another freeware item - Kompozer but doesn't use it in the text examples. I don't have access to Dreamweaver and am not going to buy if for this text.

There was no mention of the use of DW in the book prior to chapter 12(of 15). It would have been a book killer for me if I knew of its usage. I still don't know how to change the default logo that comes with joomla.

This book is mostly about how to work with a client for whom you will be developing a joomla site. It tends to overlook some basic needs till the very end of the text.

Good luck in your search, I am now looking at books that discuss joomla templates.
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