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Unhappy Routing done per pg. 447

Thanks for looking at this! I set up the routing exactly as described on pg. 447. I also installed the debugger as described on pg. 216. As a side note, Dino Esposito writes in his book, "Programming Microsoft ASP.NET MVC" on pg 75: "Hosting Web Forms pages in an ASP.NET MVC application is possible, but the opposite doesn't work. To process ASP.NET MVC extensionless URLs and resolve them in terms of controllers and view, you need to tweak the runtime environment and the folder structure to make the whole application just become a new ASP.NET MVC Application! So you're back to square one; you can mix Web Forms and MVC pages in an ASP.NET MVC project, but nothing else." I'm starting to move in that direction, although it is making me think twice about even deploying MVC2 at all.