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Default Changing Tab Order In a Form Using VC# Express ?

I am using VC# Express 2010.

How do I change the tab order on a form in VC# Express 2010?

1) First Name Text Box
2) Last Name Text Box
3) Street Text Box
4) City Text Box

The above proper tab order should be 1,2,3,4 for the user.

If the tab order is 1,4,3,2, how do I correct or change the tab order
to 1,2,3,4?

I am using Rod Stephens Book “C# Programming with Visual Studio 2010
24- Hour Trainer Video Lessons on DVD”.

On his instructional DVD he is using Microsoft Visual Studio.
His instructions on changing the tab order is not available in
VC# Express 2010 as shown on the DVD or at least I am not able
to find it.

How do I change the tab order on a form using VC# Express 2010?

Thank You


I find Rod’s book extremely helpful.