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Default Apply Unit Testing on Your Book Printing Efforts

As I read thru this book and attempt the chapter 1 tutorial, I'm amazed at the amount of errors. I find I'm spending more time chasing down "the reasons why the code in the book doesn't work" than I am doing learning/coding. I know of many older programmers that have given up learning MVC because of this issue. Granted, in my case, I'll muddle thru, find the answers, ... and be all the more knowledgeable for the experience... but if you want to succeed with getting MVC into the corporate work place, you folks have got to do a better job of education. For example, posters in this forum have answered my frustrations with the examples in the book... the "errata" on the book page would indicate that there are very few errors. It was only after exhaustive google sleuthing that I found out that the "real" errata is in this forum... not good. I admire greatly the authors of this book... indeed I anxiously await their blog posts... but guys fall on your swords and do a better job of communicating "errata" in ONE place. I love and am committed to MVC and newer elements in The Framework, but the route there is frustrating and it doesn't need to be. Get it right before it prints. You folks advocate unit testing in our MVC efforts ... let's see some better pre-print testing by you authors.